The Second Decade Campaign 2008-2014

The members of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association are one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the LSE. Wishing to leave another lasting legacy to their alma mater, members launched their Association into a new decade with a grand new project to support future generations of LSE students: the Second Decade Campaign.


A Project for the Next Generation

Members of the Swiss LSE Alumni Association established at their Annual Reunion and General Meeting in Lausanne in 2008 a permanent endowment for one or more scholarships tenable at the London School of Economics and Political Science for Swiss citizens and permanent residents partially or whole financing a full-time course of study in any offered academic subject for up to one academic session. The endowment is to be built by the allocation of operational fund surpluses and the raising of additional funds from members and corporate entities associated with members over the next few years. The Officers were directed to ensure that any philanthropic engagement of members does not conflict with the professional fundraising of the School in Switzerland, to fully explore any possibilities of tax-efficient giving available to members and to draw up rules and regulations governing the endowment and the scholarships.


Strengthening Personal Relationships

Our 5 Year Jubilee Campaign in 2003 showed that engaging members in a common fundraising project launches, revitalizes and deepens personal relationships between members and the leadership of their national association. Moreover, scholarships would be managed by a scholarship committee, providing yet another opportunity for alumnae and alumni to get involved in the Association.


Putting Capital to Work

A pay-as-you-go scholarship scheme has no guaranteed permanence with greater risk that the efforts of volunteer fundraisers would fulminate once all money has been spent. Moreover, sustaining a pay-as-you-go scholarship requires continued fundraising which strain scare volunteer time. Instead of letting capital remain idle, it is put to work for the benefit of future LSE students and researchers. The income generated will be available for scholarships and personal research grants. The capital itself will be maintained in perpetuity and increased through donations over time.

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