The Government of the Swiss Confederation

The Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority is responsible for federal oversight of charitable foundations active throughout Switzerland and abroad. The supervisory activity is primarily based on the rulings of the Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland in regard to Article 84, Paragraph 2, of the Swiss Civil Code, which reads: "The supervisory authority must ensure that the foundation endowment is used for its purposes".


The External Auditor

Pursuant to Article 83b, Paragraph 1, of the Swiss Civil Code, foundations are obliged to designate an auditor. The designated auditor must be entered in the commercial register pursuant to Article 95, Provision M, of the the Commercial Register Ordinance of the Federal Council. Pursuant to Article 83b, Paragraph 3, of the Swiss Civil Code, the provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations in its Article 727 ff. in regard to the auditors of joint-stock corporations also apply to the audit of foundations.

The Foundation's external auditor is Caminada Treuhand AG Zug. Established in 1968, the firm became a member of the Treuhand-Kammer in 1986 and offers a full range of accounting, consulting and audit services to large, medium-sized and small companies. Caminada is certified by the Federal Audit Oversight Authority as an audit expert.

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